Unique Education and Computer Classes was established on 20 March 2010. Its aim is to promote academic education, computer education, competition education and employment in the society. Today, all of you are told with great pleasure that unique education and computer classes have been working in the field of education and employment for almost 10 years.Education and employment have been linked to the lives of nearly millions of children. Today we want to give a message to all of you that if you have got life, make that life valuable to you, make your life precious with your hard work, dedication and enthusiasm. And also benefit yourself, give benefits to your family and society. Because you will get this life only once, so that you live it so that you become a model for people. You should be remembered even after dying, people shout slogans of your cheer. Today the evils in the society have reached the climax and this evil can be overcome only by education. Therefore, you should vow today that you will try to change the lives of all your family, friends and people who know you. Unique education and computer classes will always stand with you and will always help you.
“Brain (brain) is the best gift given by God, it must be educated.”
“Improve our Nation, focus on Education.”
“Every human should realize the power of education, A teacher, student, pen, book are enough to change history. “
Khudi ko kr buland itna ,
Ki har taqdeer se pahle ,
Khuda bande se ye pooche,
Bta teri raza kya hai.(Allama Iqbal)