O-Level Course

Computer Course Duration Fees

1. Information Technology Tools and Nemtwork Basics

Module:A1-R5 introduction to Computer, Introduction to Operating system Word Processing Spreadsheet Presentation Introduction to Internet and WWW, E-mail, Social Networking and e-Governance Service,Digital Financial Tools and Applications, Overview of Future Skills & Skills Cyber Security
1 year 15000/-

2. Web Designing and Publishing

Module:A2-R5 Introduction to Web Designing and Editors, HTML Basic Cascading Style Sheet Java Script And Angular Js Photo Editor, Web Publishing and Browsing
- -

3. Programming and Problem Solving Through Python Language

Module:A3-R5 Introduction to Programmig, Algorithm and Flow Charts To solve Problems Introduction to Python,Operators,Expressions and Python Statements, Sequence data types Functions, File Processing, Modules
- -

4. Internet Of Things and Its Apllications

Module:A4-R5 Introduction to IoT-Applications/Devices, Protocols and Communications Model Things And Connections Sensors, Actuators and Microcontrollers Building ToT Applications Security And Future Of IoT Ecosystems Softs Skills- Personality Development
- -

5. Data Structure Through Object Oriented Programming Language

Module:A5-R5 Object Oriented Concept Basic Of C++, Classes and Objects Analysis Of Algorithms Sorting And Searching Elements Data Structure-Arrays, Linked List Stack And Queue Trees Graphs
- -